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17th June, 2019

No home schooling from next year

The government will terminate home schooling from the academic year 2020-21, under a bill presented by the Human Resources Ministry.

Those affected would have the option of requesting a personalised curriculum instead.

It is uncertain what this would mean on a practical level, HVG observes.

The announcement states that it is an overall social interest that children go to school and acquire qualifications.

However, teaching children outside public schools will probably remain possible, but under a different construction and title, upon the approval of the school headmaster.

Public primary schools are not entitled to normative state support for home students registered in the given school.

The bill also affects children with special educational needs, as, by order of the Constitutional Court, it rectifies the so-called “Taigetos Law”, which had raised serious concerns about the treatment of the dyslexic.

In its previous form, the draft legislation took away the option to not evaluate dyslexic children in terms of grades.

The bill also states that administration will be further centralised in order to be better able to “deliver children what they need”.

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