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17th June, 2019

Passengers stranded on deserted train

Dozens of passengers were left stranded on a stationary MÁV train outside Monor on Friday after the driver and conductor left.

The train was scheduled to leave at 17.38 on Friday, was first ten minutes delayed according to the information boards, then eventually pulled out at 18:20 with 40 people on board.

About a kilometre out, the train stopped and did not move any further. Passengers were struggling with the extreme heat and after a while they started looking for the conductor, but he and the train driver were nowhere to be found.

Passengers phoned MAV information services, where they were told that there simply could not be any passengers on the train as the train mentioned was not operating and had been taken out of service.

The passengers started walking back towards the station along the tracks.

The train had been cancelled due to mechanical problems, which was announced on the loudspeakers, but many passengers did not hear the announcement.

Mávinform announced on Saturday that there will be an internal investigation and the people concerned will be compensated.

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