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5th June, 2019

MOL Limo goes to Liszt Ferenc Airport

MOL Limo, the energy group’s car sharing company, is expanding its services in Budapest to Liszt Ferenc International Airport, head of MOL’s retail division Péter Ratatics told Portfolio on Tuesday.

From Wednesday, Limo users may leave or pick up the cars in a dedicated car park at the airport for an extra fee of Ft 1,990.

A ride between the city centre and the airport would cost roughly Ft 4,000, considerably less than the Ft 7,000-8,000 taxi fare.

The app-based MOL Limo service has 45,000 registered users for its mostly electric cars.

As mostly men use the service, MOL has provided baby seats in the cars to attract female drivers.

MOL is looking at the possibility of launching its services in Prague and Debrecen, targeting drivers aged 20-35 years.

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