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4th June, 2019

Bodies of 2 boat disaster victims found in Danube

The bodies of two of the South Korean victims of the Hableány boat disaster were pulled from the Danube yesterday, one of them near Harta, more than 100km downstream from Budapest, the other from close to the scene of last Wednesday’s collision.

Hungarian divers found a dead body near Margit Bridge yesterday morning. South Korean divers who followed them brought the body up to the surface in the afternoon.

During the morning exploratory dive, the Hungarians tried to assess the wreckage, although visibility in the river is close to zero.

The Hungarian and South Korean rescue teams reportedly disagreed on how best to proceed in recovering the wreckage of the Hableány. The Hungarians propose to raise the ship, while the Koreans would prefer to first explore the wreckage, as they fear that more bodies may be lost if the ship is raised before they are recovered.

A floating crane with sufficient capacity to raise the wreckage cannot yet be deployed, due to the high water level.

The commander of the Korean team of divers in Budapest told South Korean daily Chosun that efforts continue to be hampered by unusually fast currents in the swollen Danube.

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