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23rd May, 2019

Diabetic refugee couple denied food

An aging diabetic refugee couple were not given meals for three days at the Röszke transit zone, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee wrote on its website on Wednesday.

The 58-year-old Afghan woman and her 63-year-old husband were given meals only after the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, acting on a complaint filed by the Helsinki Committee, called on the authorities to give food to the couple immediately.

Hungarian authorities have repeatedly denied food to asylum-seekers until the Court intervenes, usually in response to reports from NGOs.

This is at least the 11th case since last August in which the Helsinki Committee has had to appeal to the Court to ensure that people detained in Röszke be given food.

The Committee wrote that keeping people behind closed doors without food is a form of torture, and that starving diabetic people is an even bigger crime.

The NGO said it is working to get the state to operate decently and not to starve anybody.

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