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20th May, 2019

Gov’t foreign language programme

The government will provide Ft 90 billion for 140,000 students annually to study foreign languages abroad, ministerial commissioner responsible for the project Mónika Bartos told Inforádió on Sunday.

High school students in 9th and 11th grades will be able to study English, German, French and Chinese during the two-week summer courses, she said.

The students can choose from among seven countries; the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, France, Germany, Austria and China.

All applicants must meet certain conditions for travelling abroad, including recommendations from their school, permission from their families and minimum foreign languages skills.

Students will be accommodated with local families wherever possible to assist them in learning in an immersive environment, Bartos said.

Applications for the first courses will be accepted as early as autumn for students that may take part in courses abroad next summer.

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