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16th May, 2019

Number of attacks on train conductors drops

The number of attacks on conductors employed by state railway operator MÁV-Start has dropped by more than one quarter from a year ago.

As of late April, attacks on conductors totalled 24, down from 33 at the same time last year.

Of this year’s 24 attacks, 11 became physical and one resulted in injuries lasting more than eight days.

The company stressed on Wednesday that it is doing all it can to guarantee the safety of conductors, including a number of agreements with police and civil guards, and the employment of security and rail guards.

Nearly 80,000 trains annually are escorted by property guards and 14,000 by police officers.

Conductors have been equipped with assistance request devices with which they can quickly alert guards, drivers or controllers of trouble.

Conductors began wearing body cameras at the end of March on railway lines entering Mátészalka. More body cameras will also be procured from the autumn for conductors in the suburbs of Budapest and on several railway lines throughout the country.

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