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18th April, 2019

Hankook accused of penalising former strikers

Hankook has cut back the number of paid vacation days and bonuses of those employees who took part in the strike at the tyre maker in March, the local chapter of chemical industry workers union VDSZ reports.

Head of the local union Gábor Szabó told leftist news site Mérce that those employees who went on strike for seven or eight days during the ten-day strike are most affected.

Hankook is treating workers who were on strike as if they were on sick leave, and has therefore cut the “presence bonus” for them, which awards employees who do not miss any days.

Hankook said it fully obeys the strike law and the number of paid vacation days of employees who participated in the strike will not be reduced.

The company’s payroll software is being updated to manage strike-related issues because its present status shows erroneous holiday figures, the firm said.

Hankook underlined that neither wages nor bonuses are paid for days spent on strike, as the law specifies.

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