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5th April, 2019

Hungary outraged by Slovak bill on anthems

The government finds unacceptable Slovakia’s new bill restricting the singing of national anthems of other countries in public places, Prime Minister’s Office leader Gergely Gulyás announced at the government press conference on Thursday.

According to the bill, passed on March 27, a fine up to €7,000 can be levied if the anthem of a foreign country is sung when no delegation from the given country is present.

The regulation is aimed at football fans in the ethnic Hungarian town Dunajská Streda, who sing the Hungarian anthem at the start of each match.

Jobbik urged the government to freeze relations with Slovakia until the law is revoked.

Oszkár Világi, owner of the Dunajská Streda football club, said the Hungarian anthem will be sung regardless, and the fine will be paid if necessary.

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