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26th March, 2019

Omega song plagiarised again

The makers of a British TV series simply stole the hit song recorded by Omega 50 years ago, entitled Gyöngyhajú lány (“Girl with Pearly Hair”), the tabloid Blikk reported.

Rap star Kanye West used an excerpt from the song for his tune called “New Slaves” in 2013 without permission.

He offered $10,000 to the copyright holders, but ultimately an agreement was reached on $50,000.

Omega manager András Trunkos, observed that, since the rights are owned by Hungaroton Records, one can anticipate similar consequences as befell Kanye West.

Hungaroton spokeswoman said “we shall proceed in the case, I cannot say anything more”.

British television network ITV said it took the tune from an archive that is legally clean, and their contract did not stipulate a permit from the original owner.

Omega singer János Kóbor shrugged his shoulders, saying it is all the same to him for what the song is used.

“In the age of online downloads, seeking permission in advance is not realistic; everything is settled afterwards.”

The composer of the song, Gábor Presser is gathering information and would not make a statement.

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