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19th March, 2019

Socialist MP performing public works

Socialist Party vice-president Imre Komjáthi yesterday began performing 60 hours of public works, as he refused to pay the fine issued to him for breaking through a police line at an opposition rally near Kossuth tér on December 8.

Komjáthi could also have chosen to spend 10 days in jail.

In refusing to pay the Ft 50,000 fine, he said “I am not going to pay one fillér to these people. They might steal it”.

Komjáthi reported for work in the town of Edelény at 7 a.m. Monday.

This type of public works can be accomplished relatively flexibly, he said on Facebook.

He must work two to six hours a day, but at least four hours a week and 24 hours a month. He must work all 60 hours in three months.

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