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12th March, 2019

Local farmers prevent giant hatchery

Co-operation between local egg farmers in Western Hungary has thwarted plans by a German investor to establish large laying hen farms in the region, Magyar Nemzet writes.

Stefan Pohlmann had planned to open a chicken farm with 900,000 hens in Mikosszéplak in Vas county. The German businessman also planned two other hen farms in the country.

If realised, the three projects would have operated with 2.25 million hens, more than half of Hungary’s industrial hen population, which account for 75-80% of egg production.

The investment would have led to the collapse of the local market, said CEO Tamás Kertész of Farm Tojás.

US and German authorities have banned Stefan Pohlmann’s father, Anton Pohlmann, from industrial egg production for various violations, Magyar Nemzet writes.

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