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6th March, 2019

Jobbik pastes over gov’t billboards

Jobbik is pasting over the government’s anti-EU billboards to state that the EU has not relocated a single person to Hungary in the past three years, while the cabinet has allowed 86,000 immigrants to enter the country.

“If there is a crisis because of mass immigration, it was caused by the Hungarian cabinet,” party spokesman Péter Jakab told reporters on Tuesday

Cheap imported Ukrainian labour is being used to suppress wages, and new arrivals to Hungary have more rights than those born here, he declared.

He mentioned as an example the refugees from Venezuela, who are given free accommodation, travel and language courses.

Jakab objected that the government will grant scholarships to 1,400 Arab students, while many young Hungarians cannot afford to go to university.

According to Jakab, it is unacceptable that the government vetoed an EU agreement with African states and the Arab League that would have made it possible to stop illegal migration locally.

As a government billboard was pasted over at the press conference, Jakab said anybody who supports Fidesz at the European Parliament elections is voting for pro-immigration forces.

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