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6th March, 2019

Police fine reporters covering protest

Two journalists who followed a small crowd of protesters on to the flyover at Nyugati station on the night of January 23 have been fined a total of Ft 80,000 for blocking traffic.

Police outnumbered the few dozen demonstrators and took down all of their names, as well as those of the two reporters from the website Merce.

Both produced their press certificates and signalled their disagreement with the charge, as they were doing their job.

The two journalists recently received fines of Ft 30,000 and Ft 50,000 by postal cheque from the Fifth District police.

The police argued that the journalists could have covered the demonstration without hindering traffic.

One of the journalists submitted a request for a hearing to the police.

Police also wrote down the personal data of an Index journalist on the scene and issued a Ft 50,000 fine. That reporter also submitted a request for a hearing.

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