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4th March, 2019

Hungarian hitman caught in Prague

An ethnic Hungarian from Serbia suspected of committing a murder in the car park behind Budapest’s Pólus Center shopping mall in the 15th District last September has been captured in the Czech Republic.

Dutch police set a nearly Ft 7 million reward for the capture of Csaba Dér of Subotica, as he is wanted for the shooting of a Croatian mafia figure last July 30 with a firearm fitted with a silencer in a restaurant in Amsterdam.

He is also suspected of shooting a man in Belgrade on January 7, in an apparent case of mistaken identity. A security camera recording shows that while the victim was putting together a baby carriage taken from his car’s baggage-rack, Dér, wearing a white coat, got out of a car and, when he reached his target, smiled at him, produced a pistol from his bag and shot him several times in the head and chest in the middle of the street.

Serbian media reported that the intended victim was a member of a gang, and the murdered man was his brother-in-law.

Czech police arrested Dér in a Prague hotel on Friday night, as a result of co-operation between the Hungarian police, the prosecutor’s office, Europol and Eurojust.

Hungarian authorities have contacted their Czech associates to initiate his extradition.

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