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13th February, 2019

Tarlós initiates talks on airport noise

At the initiative of Budapest mayor István Tarlós, the city council, HungaroControl, Budapest Airport, the Innovation and Technology Ministry and affected NGOs have been holding talks since January on the noise levels near Liszt Ferenc International Airport, the ministry announced on Tuesday.

Airplane traffic is on the rise at Ferihegy and those living below the air corridor feel it the most, Index writes.

Flights arrive practically on a conveyor belt above Zugló, the 14th District, often only a few hundred metres above the houses.

Many residents complain that they cannot sleep due to the night flights, while in the daytime they cannot hear one another’s voice in the courtyard.

The airport says modifications positive for Zugló relating to take-offs were made last August.

Air traffic controller HungaroControl did not comment.

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