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8th February, 2019

Metro threatens to cut jobs

Some 200 of the 2,500 Metro employees could be dismissed if the union does not lower its wage demands, Népszava reports.

Executives of the cash and carry chain have made this known to workers, but the union has not been officially informed of the threat.

The retail workers union KASZ is polling its membership now about their readiness to go on strike, president Zoltán Karsai told Népszava.

The union is calling for a basic monthly wage of at least Ft 210,000, along with so-called 13th month and 14th month bonuses and other supplements to raise the average gross monthly income to Ft 240,000.

This level is competitive compared to other retail chains, the union says.

There is no date for further talks and executives said they have no plan for a compromise.

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