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31st January, 2019

Mayoral primary attracts interest

More than 10,000 people have so far voted in the primary to decide whether Dialogue co-president Gergely Karácsony or Socialist Csaba Horváth will be the left-wing candidate for mayor of Budapest.

Voting continues until February 3.

A second round will be held in summer when independent Róbert Puzsér will face the winner of the first round, the goal being to ensure that a nominee with a good chance of winning should challenge mayor István Tarlós at the autumn municipal elections.

András Pulai, head of Publicus pollsters, told Klubrádió Wednesday morning that turnout at the primary will also be relatively high. Referring to an earlier survey, Pulai said it was clear in December that more than a few thousand people were interested in the primary.

More than half of the respondents to a recent Publicus Institute poll said they will take part in the May European Parliament elections, he said.

Pulai said it is certain that not so many people will turn out, but a higher turnout could favour the opposition.

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