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24th January, 2019

Man arrested at his own wedding

Police arrested a man wanted on forgery charges at his wedding, police magazine Zsaru reported on Wednesday.

It reported that the suspect and the wedding party apparently failed to notice detectives monitoring the proceedings as they arrived at the registry office on Szentes’s main square.

As he left the building, two heavy-set police officers greeted the man, took him by the arm and asked him to let go of his wife’s hands.

The bridegroom was not surprised, co-operated and was not even handcuffed.

Some of the party had no idea that the bridegroom had long been wanted by police. Zsaru magazine said the disappointed wife however would not believe that her husband was going to spend their wedding night in jail.

The suspect had often used the name and personal data of an acquaintance who resembled him when proceedings against him were under way.

He never answered summons, but began to hide out: practically every day he would sleep in the home of a different relative or friend.

He never carried his own ID papers lest they gave him away when he was checked.

Eventually, detectives received a tip-off that the man was getting ready to marry a woman from Mindszent, but for that he had to present his genuine personal data to the registry office. That is how detectives caught him.

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