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21st January, 2019

Film producer Vajna dies after long illness

Movie producer Andy Vajna, government commissioner for the development of the national film industry, has died in his Budapest home at age 74 following a protracted illness, the National Film Fund announced on Sunday.

As a producer in America, he is associated with 59 films, most notably the Rambo movies, Terminator and Evita.

After Vajna returned to Hungary, the Orbán government awarded him all of the casino concessions in Budapest and a monopoly on the online betting market.

Unlike most industries – for instance, cosmetics, taxis, hairdressing – the casinos’ cash registers are not required to be connected to the Tax Office.

During his term as government commissioner, such Hungarian film successes were produced as Son of Saul, Kincsem, Body and Soul and 1945, winning 130 international awards, among them an Oscar, a Golden Globe and the Berlin Film Festival’s Golden Bear.

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