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16th January, 2019

New grants for health care students

The State Health Care Supply Centre has invited bids for nearly Ft 1.5 billion in aid to health care students in higher education.

Health care state secretary Ildikó Horváth told reporters that applications for the funding are accepted from Tuesday until March 18.

Those students may submit their applications who completed their first six months of university successfully. They may receive the scholarship retroactively to the start of the school year, a total of Ft 640,000.

Zoltán Balogh, president of the Hungarian Skilled Health Care Workers Chamber, welcomed the initiative, saying it could alleviate or even solve the problem of the shortage of nurses, ambulance officers and district nurses.

Applicants must undertake to complete a basic higher education course then to work full time for at least two of the next five years in public financed health care in a job commensurate with their professional qualifications.

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