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9th January, 2019

New app for compulsory car insurance

A mobile-phone app has been developed for reporting damage claims to insurance companies based on compulsory car insurance policies, president Anett Pandurics of insurers association Mabisz announced on Tuesday.

The app is available for Android and Google operating systems, and the Apple version will be ready in a few days.

Some 160-170 experts participated in the development of the app, which is a pioneer in the EU, Pandurics highlighted.

Using the app is equivalent to filling in the traditional so-called blue-yellow form.

While the form is not always present at accidents, most drivers have smartphones, Pandurics stressed.

The app provides a time stamp and GPS location of the scene of the accident.

Insurance companies will send QR codes to their clients, thereby uploading details of their insurance policies to the damage claim reporting app.

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