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26th November, 2018

Thousands join protest for CEU

An estimated 2,000 students took part in a demonstration in support of the freedom of science and education in Budapest Saturday evening.

Organisers called on the cabinet to sign an agreement on keeping the CEU in Budapest, to end all censorship in higher education and research and to provide good quality, accessible, independent and adequately financed education and research opportunities.

CEU instructor and philosopher Miklós Gáspár Tamás said it is a shame for Hungary to chase out the university, to abolish gender studies and for the far-right gutter press to call on students to denounce their teachers.

Ágnes Til Kövér-Van, a programme leader of social gender studies at ELTE university, said higher education belongs to the entire country, and is not just the cause of the elite and intellectuals.

After the last speech, organisers announced that they were occupying Kossuth tér, where programmes will be held throughout the week outside Parliament and some demonstrators will be camping out there.

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