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26th November, 2018

Orbán blames EC as Brexit deal is signed

The departure of the UK from the EU is a real Black Sunday for the EU, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told M1 channel after the Brexit deal was signed at a special EU summit in Brussels on Sunday.

He said Hungarians had tried and even intervened in the Brexit referendum campaign, trying to convince them to remain in the EU, but without success.

There is nothing to do now but acknowledge the decision, he added.

If the UK had stayed on, Hungary would have received more funds from the EU.

Orbán said his cabinet has achieved its aim of protecting the interests of Hungarians working in Great Britain, adding that those Hungarians who are in the UK today are secure and their position has not deteriorated.

The current leaders of the EU are not without guilt in Brexit, he declared.

One of the most serious errors, Orbán said, was that the EU had chosen a European Commission president who was opposed by Britain, and a second mistake was that the EU allowed migrants to enter but could not keep Britain inside.

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