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21st November, 2018

MNB spends Ft 320mn on paintings

The MNB has recently purchased paintings for a total of Ft 320 million, the central bank announced on Tuesday.

The MNB has bought Saint Tropez by late 20th-century artist Tibor Csernus for Ft 110 million, and City Landscape and Square with Figures Promenading, both by 17th-century Dutch painter Jan van der Heyden, for a total of €400,000.

It has also acquired The Death of St. Joseph by 18th-century Venetian artist Giovanni Battista Pittoni for Ft 20 million, and Ferenc Medgyessy with the Statue of Rippl-Rónai by Hungarian artist József Rippl-Rónai for Ft 45 million.

All of the artworks were obtained via the MNB’s Value Treasury programme launched in January 2014 to acquire paintings for public collections in Hungary.

To achieve these goals, the MNB board of directors allocated a budget of €100 million until the end of 2018.

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