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31st October, 2018

Minimum wage in Romania surpasses Hungarian level

The minimum monthly wage in Romania is set to rise by 9.4% by January 1, from 1,900 leu to 2,080 leu, or Ft 144,643, which is higher than the Hungarian minimum wage of Ft 138,000, news website Menedzsment Fórum reports.

There is no agreement yet in Hungary about the 2019 minimum wage increase, but the minimum wage in Romania could be higher in 2019, the website adds.

In terms of purchasing power, the minimum wage is already higher in Romania.

However, pro-government website Origo writes that the net minimum wage in Hungary is higher and will remain higher than in Romania.

According to Origo’s calculations, the net minimum wage in Hungary is Ft 91,770 a month, while its present value in Romania is Ft 80,800, which will increase to Ft 88,500.

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