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19th October, 2018

Lázár mulls widespread smoking ban

Ministerial commissioner for the protection of non-smokers János Lázár suggested banning the sale of tobacco products to those born after January 1, 2020, at the Tobacco Hungary conference in Siófok on Thursday.

This would make Hungary the world’s first smoke-free country, according to Lázár. If necessary the Constitution would be modified to that end, he underlined. Lázár also proposed banning smoking in cars as well as electronic cigarettes.

He said he would authorise house representatives to prevent smoking on corridors and staircases in buildings.

Health care contributions paid by employers on their employees could be increased for those who do not have regular medical screenings, Lázár said.

“There are no winners in smoking because this activity hurts smokers, others and the environment”, he said, adding that “the tobacconist law that monopolised tobacco sales was only the first step and the bigger job begins now”.

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