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27th September, 2018

Airbnb more popular in Budapest

The number of guest nights spent at Airbnb accommodations in Budapest was close to 1.5 million last year, up by 35% from a year earlier, property consultancy Colliers International announced on Wednesday.

The figures are based on estimates by Hotelschool in The Hague.

In Budapest, 69% of Airbnb bookings are made in the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Districts.

Airbnb’s market share in the city in terms of the number of guest nights increased from 10.2% to 14.3%.

That places Budapest among the leading Airbnb cities in Europe, as the booking site’s market share was 15.2% in Paris, 13.2% in Barcelona, 11.7% in Amsterdam and 10.1% in Madrid.

In Budapest, 65% of Airbnb operators had more than two units available for rent, well above the 40-50% common in other European cities.

This may be in part because 55% of the bookings in Budapest were for units with only one room.

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