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21st September, 2018

Mészáros may get Tokaj wine cache

Residents of Tolcsva, a village in the Tokaj wine region, suspect that Lőrinc Mészáros, the close friend of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, is taking over the state-owned historic collection of 390,000 bottles of Tokaj wine amassed since the 18th century, Népszava reports.

The Agriculture Ministry denied the report.

According to rumours, the precious wine might be moved to the cellars of the Andrássy Kúria mansion in Tarcal, which is controlled by companies owned by Mészáros, while the historic cellars are renovated.

If the whole collection is moved there some of it could be left there for any reason, the sources said, as no accurate inventory of the collection exists.

The government set aside Ft 1.5 billion last year to register, maintain and store the historic wine collection.

The reconstruction of the cellar where the wine stock is stored starts this autumn and its first phase will be completed by the middle of 2019, the ministry told Zoom.

The wine can be stored in other parts of the historic cellar which will not be renovated, so the bottles will remain in Tolcsva, the ministry said.

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