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20th September, 2018

Szijjártó hopes to attract more Chinese tourists

It is in Hungary’s economic interest to have more Chinese tourists visit Hungary, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó told a conference of tourism ministers arranged for China and 16 Central and East European countries in Dubrovnik, Croatia Tuesday evening.

Aside from a direct Budapest-Beijing air link, another air corridor will be established between Shanghai and Hungary from next summer, he said.

He told state news agency MTI that tourism produces a growing share of Hungary’s GDP and that further growth is best generated by attracting high-spending visitors, adding that Chinese tourists are among the highest spending in the world.

Last year 227,000 Chinese tourists arrived in Hungary, 34% more than a year earlier, and in the first half of this year 140,000 Chinese tourists were in Hungary, marking another 11% rise.

Regarding the new air link, he said “we have reached the final phase of negotiations with China Eastern Airlines on establishment of a direct Shanghai-Budapest connection”.

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