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18th September, 2018

Millenáris Startup opens campus

Millenáris Nonprofit has opened the Millenáris Startup Campus, a community office space for startups near the park of the same name in Budapest’s Second District, completed from Ft 1.7 billion.

The campus, one of the biggest startup community offices in Central and Eastern Europe, offers startups 180 work stations, 24 offices and meeting rooms, two seminar rooms and a lecture hall.

The government earmarked Ft 5 billion last year to support the campus. The startup campus already has a 70% occupancy rate, said Finance Minister Mihály Varga.

The establishment of the campus will give a boost to human capital and help improve operating conditions for businesses, he added.

As Europe and Hungary face challenges in demographics, security and competitiveness, Hungary’s growth could soon come to a halt without innovation-boosting businesses, Varga remarked.

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