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7th September, 2018

Pákh claims €10mn offered for Munkácsy painting

Art collector Imre Pákh claims that he has received a €10 million offer from Prime Minister’s Office leader Gergely Gulyás on behalf of the state for Mihály Munkácsy’s painting Golgotha and said they can soon strike a deal.

“Negotiations are under way about the sale of Golgotha, I have met Minister Gergely Gulyás personally and I have accepted an oral €10 million,” he told the website Zoom on Thursday.

On June 4 the heritage protection authority again officially initiated a process to declare the painting protected ten days after the Capital Public Administration and Labour Court annulled a 2015 ruling giving the artwork that status.

The government declared the artwork protected after Pákh, a US resident, allowed it to enter Hungary on loan.

Protected status means that in the event of a sale, the Hungarian state has a pre-emptive right to buy the picture and that the painting can only be taken out of the country with official permission.

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