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3rd September, 2018

Emergency doctors leave hospital

Physician Gábor Zacher, head of the emergency ward at Honvédkórház, submitted his resignation on Friday and said nine other doctors are also quitting.

“There was a huge burden on the emergency ward, the equipment has aged, and so many patients had to be tended to for whom a centre cannot assume responsibility with 60% of the minimum personnel,” he said.

“I like working here, but I was forced to make this decision,” he continued. “I cannot continue to work with such a problem of personnel and equipment”.

Zacher was willing to stay on during his two-month notice period until end of October, but the Defence Ministry dismissed him, effective immediately.

The ministry said it had decided earlier not to renew Zacher’s contract when it expires at the end of 2018.

On a related issue, the hospital management said that it had reviewed remuneration for voluntary overtime, having failed to pay for such extra work since June.

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