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30th August, 2018

Fake Holocaust museum draws protest

Protesters gathered yesterday to discourage passers-by from visiting a fake Jewish museum called the Shoah Cellar, not far from the Great Synagogue in Budapest.

Earlier, Zsuzsanna Toronyi, head of the Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives, wrote in an article for HVG that the operators falsely claim that the cellar was the centre of the Jewish ghetto founded in the 18th century, that Austro-Hungarian writer Theodor Herzl was born there and that Jewish martyr Hanna Szenes was tortured and executed there.

Toronyi said the exhibits – “if one can call the poorly photocopied pictures and captions pasted on the wall that” – are tantamount to a falsification of history.

Jewish federation Mazsihisz has also filed a protest against fake exhibits, saying the operators are abusing the memory of the Holocaust.

The space on Wesselényi utca in the Seventh District is owned by an Israeli businessman.

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