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22nd August, 2018

Eighth migrant denied food at border

A young Afghan woman is the eighth person to be refused food by Hungarian authorities at the border with Serbia, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee reported.

The woman, whom the Committee said has suffered greatly on her journey from Afghanistan, was told by Hungarian authorities, in effect, that “not only does she not deserve shelter; she does not deserve two bread rolls,” in the Committee’s words.

The Helsinki Committee immediately took her case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

That court has ruled that Hungary must feed asylum-seekers, but Hungarian authorities refuse to comply until a specific complaint is made to the Court.

Hungary is refusing food to those whose initial request for asylum is rejected – as almost all such requests are. Those who wait for the result of their appeal against these decisions are denied food.

This creates a dilemma for migrants, as those who leave the transit zone and do not wait for the end of the asylum procedure, may not try again later, and will in principle lose the chance to legally reach Europe, 444 reports.

Under Hungarian law, public servants have a duty to deny orders from their superiors if those orders threaten the life or health of other persons; HVG writes.

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