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22nd August, 2018

Pécs cutbacks hit public transport

The city of Pécs has decided to implement a 10% cutback in bus services, thereby saving an annual Ft 300 million, news website Zoom learned.

Some of the buses run with few passengers and in some cases several buses service the same area, a city committee found.

When Pécs faced a Ft 7.5 billion debt last summer, the state treasury MÁK took direct control over the city’s financial affairs in exchange for a Ft 9.5 billion bail-out loan.

MÁK would like to see a Ft 1 billion saving at the local bus company Tüke Busz, said local councillor János Kővári of the Alliance for Pécs party.

A Ft 1 billion cut would mean 30% less service, but that would be a nightmare because that would put an end to local public transport, according to union leader at Tüke Busz Ferenc Hofekker.

Passengers are complaining about the new Ft 350 price for bus tickets, in effect since August 1, or Ft 500 if the ticket is bought directly from the driver, the highest fee in the country.

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