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14th August, 2018

Dagály baths to re-open this week

The rebuilt Dagály leisure pool, situated next to the new Duna Aréna aquatic sports complex, will reopen on August 17, much later than the original deadline of the beginning of the summer season, HVG reports.

The Dagály has been closed for two years since construction work began on the Duna Aréna, built to host the world aquatics championships last summer.

Ticket prices have gone up from Ft 2,000 to Ft 2,500 on weekdays and from Ft 2,400 to Ft 2,700 on weekends and holidays.

The re-opened Dagály will be jointly operated by the city-owned Budapest Gyógyfürdői és Hévizei and the aquatics world championships organiser Bp2017.

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