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13th August, 2018

Croatia asks Interpol to renew arrest warrant

Croatian police have asked Interpol to renew its warrant for the arrest of MOL chairman and CEO Zsolt Hernádi, Croatian television channel N1 reported.

The Croatian prosecuting authority Uskok indicted Hernádi in 2013 on charges that he bribed then Croatian prime minister Ivo Sanader in 2008-09, paying him €10 million to let MOL obtain management control of Croatian oil company INA.

The European Court of Justice ruled in June that the warrant for Hernádi’s arrest was not invalidated by a Hungarian court ruling that cleared him of any wrongdoing.

Croatian media concluded that Hungary must extradite Hernádi to Croatia in light of the European Court decision.

Hernádi’s Croatian lawyer Laura Valkovic rejected this interpretation, and said a Hungarian court must rule on his extradition.

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