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19th July, 2018

Dialogue to give extra pay to charity

Dialogue MPs will donate their additional income from the increase in MPs’ salaries approved on Tuesday to public causes, MP Olivio Kocsis-Cake announced in an interview with the website Zoom.

“We believe that MPs’ salaries are not one of Hungary’s 100 most important questions, and instead the wages of home care nurses should have been raised,” he said.

Along with the Fidesz MPs, most opposition MPs also voted to raise their salaries from a monthly Ft 748,000 to Ft 948,000.

Kocsis-Cake said “we know how Fidesz blackmailed the opposition,” and will not condemn anybody for voting for the increase.

Dialogue will devote the extra money to charity purposes particularly important to the opposition. Kocsis-Cake mentioned support for independent media or autonomous rural communities.

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