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12th July, 2018

Swimming complex guilty of discrimination

The Equal Treatment Authority has imposed a Ft 1 million fine on Hegyvidéki Sportcsarnok és Sportközpont company in a final ruling as the 12th District sports centre rejected a request from an LGBTQ sports club to let them rent a lane in the swimming pool in February 2017.

A court reprimanded the company operating the MoM Sport Uszoda but the company challenged the ruling.

On Wednesday the Capital Court upheld the earlier ruling, stating that the company had committed a discriminatory act in rejecting the request from the LGBTQ sports club Atlasz to rent a lane.

Atlasz said the swimming complex was open to co-operation until it learned that it was dealing with an LGBTQ organisation. The operator’s claimed that an increased number of visitors was behind the rejection, but data on ticket sales did not bear that out.

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