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3rd July, 2018

Project to research child victims of Holocaust

The makers of the Oscar-winning movie Son of Saul as well as the Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archive yesterday announced a research project regarding child victims of the Holocaust in Hungary.

Historian Zoltán Vági said the purpose of the project entitled Children of Saul is to explore and present the fate of the 100,000 Hungarian Jewish children who were murdered in Hungary or other countries of Europe during the Holocaust.

Initial surveys indicate that researchers may have to examine about 150 million documents held in international centres and archives.

Children aged 12 or younger had no chance of surviving concentration camps but those aged 13-18, selected for labour, were taken to 400 different places from Estonia to Alsace-Lorraine.

The plan is to identify as many children as possible by 2024, the 80th anniversary of the Holocaust.

Son of Saul director László Jeles Nemes, chief sponsor of the programme, said his film has a historic and social mission.

The organisers of the project are asking survivors, witnesses and family members who know about child victims to contact the Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archive by filling in a data form on its website.

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