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8th May, 2018

Police officer shoots assailant in the leg

A police officer shot an assailant in the leg in Tiszajenő, Jász county, and the 37-year-old man from Szeghalom underwent surgery in the evening, the county’s prosecution general told state news agency MTI on Monday.

An investigation has been launched by Szolnok sub-county prosecutors regarding the use of force against a police officer and other crimes.

The man stopped his car in the middle of the railway crossing at Tiszajenő on early Sunday afternoon in a bid to commit suicide.

The police officer who arrived soon at the scene tried along with one of the man’s relatives to dissuade him, but the man got angry and struck out toward the police officer, missed and hit the relative, who suffered light injuries. The man then attacked the police officer, knocking a radio transmitter and then a truncheon out of his hands.

The police officer warned the man that he would use his service weapon unless he stopped. The assailant continued to assault the officer.

The policeman then shot the man in the thigh, but with no result, and then he fired two more bullets at his leg. The man suffered severe, but not critical injuries.

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