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12th April, 2018

Bogus parties may cost state Ft 3bn

Bogus parties cost the state Ft 3 billion this year, according to calculations by Transparency International and Political Capital.

They concluded in a joint report that the results of the elections are legitimate but the voting was unfair.

“Bogus” parties proliferated in 2014 and 2018 under a Fidesz law that authorises state funds for new parties running in parliamentary elections.

Many say one effect of the law is to confuse and divide opposition voters.

Under the law, parties are supposed to repay state subsidies if they receive less than 1% of votes cast.

However, TI and Political Capital said it is highly doubtful that the state will be able to regain “even one fillér of the funds that went to the pockets of those operating bogus parties”.

Sources regularly consulted, with abbreviations used in text: Népszabadság (N); Magyar Hírlap (MH); Világgazdaság (VG); Napi Gazdaság (NG); Magyar Nemzet (MN); Népszava (Nsz); Kossuth Rádió news (KR); nightly TV news (TV).

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