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10th April, 2018

CEU signs to open campus in Vienna

The city of Vienna has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Central European University on establishing a campus there, Austrian news agency APA reports.

The document stipulates that the private university established by billionaire philanthropist George Soros will sign a 99-year lease on a historic building and will preserve the state of the building.

The CEU announced in March that it would like to open a campus in Vienna alongside its campuses in Budapest and New York.

Rector Mikhail Ignatieff informed faculty that the university board of trustees and senate have signed an agreement on co-operation with Vienna and have taken steps to open a campus in the Austrian capital in September 2019.

The CEU law passed last year placed the university in an uncertain and unpredictable position, as the university must ensure continuous education and infrastructure from year to year for the current students.

Although the university met the government’s requirements, the cabinet has not signed an agreement on its future.

Ignatieff writes that they would like to stay in Budapest but the legislative environment forces the university to refer more activities and educational programmes to the New York and Vienna institutions.

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