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23rd March, 2018

MGE out to curb used car imports

The car importers association MGE has expressed its concern about the possible acceleration of used car imports, citing fears of increased pollution from outdated diesel engines.

The diesel scandal and a possible ban on diesel-fuelled cars from urban traffic in Germany may suppress prices of vehicles, making them attractive for Hungarians to import, the MGE warned.

An estimated 150,000 used cars were imported from Western Europe last year, with an average age of 12 years. The average age of cars in Hungary is still growing and is now above 14 years.

MGE is suggesting that the car tax be changed to favour lower polluting cars rather than the opposite.

At present, the tax payable on a 150hp car is Ft 15,540 if it was made in 2002, rising to Ft 25,530 if it was manufactured in 2008 and Ft 38,295 if it was produced in 2016.

Hungarians deserve a healthy environment, just as citizens of other countries do, the MGE declared.

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