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28th February, 2018

Fired journalists suing

Two of the several newspaper editors who were fired because of a falsified interview with the prime minister published in Fejér Megyei Hírlap in December 2016 have turned to court.

Csilla Hajnal, then editor-in-charge, and her subordinate Ernő Klecska have launched a labour lawsuit against the publishing house, claiming that they were unlawfully fired since they had nothing to do with the falsification.

Sentences attributed to the prime minister included: “We asked for the opinion of the people although we were not interested…” and “We shall raise the salary of nurses. The number of corpses in hospitals will also rise.”

Pannon Lapok Társasága, the publisher, immediately apologised and launched an internal investigation. It fired several journalists and filed a complaint against an unidentified perpetrator with the police.

Hajnal and Klecska are suing for severance pay and the salaries that they have not collected since their dismissal. They are also suing on grounds of alleged slander, Klecska told Index. They demand Ft 4-5 million in compensation.

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