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5th February, 2018

LMP seeks info on Russian gas prices

LMP will launch a lawsuit in a bid to find out how much Hungary pays for natural gas from Russia, after authorities refused to disclose the information.

Party executive committee member Péter Ungár told reporters on Sunday that Hungarian users pay 20-30% more than the global price for gas, because “Viktor Orbán buys gas from Vladimir Putin at too high a price.”

He said this is part of a policy with which “Orbán is placing Hungarians under the yoke of Vladimir Putin”.

“This cabinet has for a long time not been one of cutting utility rates; this is a cabinet of raising utility rates,” he declared.

Ungár said on Friday that MVM and the Development Ministry refused to make public the agreement in force until 2019, which would clearly show how much Hungary pays for Russian gas. LMP will therefore take legal action against both entities.

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