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5th December, 2017

Wizz Air CEO tells of ambitious growth plans

Budget airline Wizz Air set an ambitious target of boosting passenger traffic to 100 million within the next ten years and is planning a three-fold increase in the workforce and the number of aircraft, CEO József Váradi told Világgazdaság in an interview on Monday.

Last year the airline carried 23.8 million passengers, up from 20 million the previous year, and it is expected to rise to 30 million this year.

The expansion will continue in the coming years as the company has recently signed a $17 billion order to add 146 new Airbus aircrafts to its fleet in addition to the 87 it already possesses. This was one of the biggest pre-orders in the industry, he said, adding that by the end of 2026 the airline’s fleet will rise to 282.

Wizz Air’s growth strategy will be followed by a huge increase in workforce, which is set to rise to 10,000 from 3,500 within ten years, Váradi said. He added that recruiting stewardesses and an administrative staff will not be difficult but the real challenge will be finding pilots.

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