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4th December, 2017

Metro ups wage offer to avoid strike

trade labour union KASZ formed a strike committee at retail chain Metro after talks on next year wages failed on Friday.

The management of the company and unions held multiple talks last week.

Metro withdrew its offer and made a new one on Friday but that was also turned down.

The retailer has seven days to come up with a new offer otherwise there will be a strike at a time when it will hurt, KASZ said, likely hinting at the possible work stoppage timed for the holiday season.

Metro’s management has disclosed its wage offer for 2018 that will see a monthly Ft 23,000 wage hike for 86% of the employees and reach beyond the compulsory minimum wage hike.

The lowest gross wage for all employees will rise to Ft 211,000 in 2018, which is Ft 30,000 more than the guaranteed minimum wage for skilled workforces, it said.

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