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17th November, 2017

Legendary radio host dies

Legendary Radio Free Europe host and editor László Cseke died on Monday, it was announced on Thursday. He was 90.

Cseke was the editor of Teenager Party launched in 1959, one of the most popular programmes on Radio Free Europe. Hungarian youths were able to hear for the first time world rock and pop stars like Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones through the broadcast.

He fled to Germany in 1959 and then settled in Paris, where he wrote for émigré newspapers and periodicals. In 1951 he went to Munich, where he became a staff member of Radio Free Europe.

His daughter, Zsuzsa Ekecs, informed nemzetikonyvtar.blog.hu of her father’s death.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán paid tribute to Cseke on his Facebook page on Thursday. He wrote that ”part of our youth” had passed with Cseke’s departure.

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